Obeekyo is an innovative online platform that brings together two vibrant worlds: Nerdery (geek culture) and Nature. With a deep appreciation for both realms, Obeekyo aims to create a unique space where enthusiasts can explore and celebrate their passions, while making a positive impact on the world around them.



Hi, I’m BEE. I make things.

With over 25 years in the industry, I like to think of myself as a bit of a tech wizard with a creative twist. My journey started back in the 90s when I worked as a Technical Support technician for an ISP. Back then, I taught myself how to code, and even developed a ticketing database for the company to track the support calls.

Over the years, I’ve expanded my skill set to include web design, graphic design, marketing, photography, social media, and branding. I’ve had the pleasure of working and collaborating with clients and companies across all sorts of different sectors, so you could say I’ve got quite the diverse background.

When I’m not working on creating a new digital product for the shop or researching new technologies, I’m an avid reader and writer, and I’m passionate about gaming, animation, and comics. I have a special fondness for shows like Critical Role, Dimension 20, as well as classic franchises like LOTR, Star Wars, and Star Trek. I love learning about AI.

Nature is a big part of my life too. I’m always up for a hiking adventure, and my home is slowly turning into a jungle thanks to my growing collection of indoor plants. In the kitchen, I enjoy showcasing my culinary skills, trying out new dishes – and using ALL THE SPICES.

I paint, and create things with my hands like woodburnings, and woodcarvings. On my nature walks, I like to collect driftwood and bits of nature, or seaglass to use in the pieces.

Last but not least, I’ve a soft spot for thrift stores and farmers markets. You never know what kind of treasures you’ll find there!

I truly hope you enjoy the site. I want above all else to create all sorts of things that people find useful and beautiful, and with those creations be able to help others. Whether it is in my community or on a global scale, I champion causes that resonate with a sustainable and inclusive future.

Nature and Tech

About Us

We Understand
the Power of
Self Expression

We believe that geek culture is for everyone, regardless of age, gender (or non), race, location, situation, or income. NERDS UNITE.

We strive to create an environment where individuals from all walks of life can find a sense of belonging and celebrate their geeky passions without limitations.

We hope to build a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for geek culture, and a love for nature.

We aim to create a positive impact, raise awareness about important issues, and inspire others to join us in preserving the wonders of our natural world.


Our Story & Mission

At Obeekyo, we understand the power of self-expression and the joy of immersing oneself in the fantastical worlds of geek culture. From beloved franchises like Star Wars®, Star Trek®, Marvel®, Miyazaki®, Lord of the Rings®, D&D®, Harry Potter®, and more- we draw inspiration to craft beautifully themed digital and print assets that cater to the diverse interests of our community.

But Obeekyo is more than just a hub for geeky creations. We believe in the transformative power of nature and its ability to inspire and nurture us. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to align our business with efforts that promote environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and social inclusivity.


We are committed to providing unique and functional assets that inspire, motivate, and capture the imagination. We are dedicated to building a brand that positively impacts our customers and inspires innovation for environmental, animal, and social issues alike.


To become the go-to destination for high-quality, thoughtfully designed digital and print assets that cater to Nerdy and Nature niches, while promoting inclusivity, sustainability, and creativity.


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